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02/27/07: Jon Aldinger, Mark Huot, & Dan Mall present swfIR: swf Image Replacement

02/21/07: flashBug is an Actionscript class that writes debug information out to Firebug's console

02/06/07: Geoff Stearns and Bobby van der Sluis join forces to create one Flash embed method to rule them all: SWFFix

11/16/06: SWFUpload adds the advantages of uploading files with Flash to your web applications.


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Tamarin Project

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Tamarin Project


11/07/06, 09:36 AM

Adobe announced today that it will be contributing source code from the ActionScript Virtual Machine 2 (the ActionScript 3.0 Flash Player Scripting Engine introduced with Flash Player 9) to a new open source project, called Tamarin.

The Tamarin virtual machine will be implementing the final version of the ECMAScript Edition 4 (ES4) language specification.

In addition to driving the Adobe ActionScript Virtual Machine in Flash Player, Tamarin will be used in the next generation of SpiderMonkey, the core JavaScript engine in Firefox.

Here are some links with more details:

Also, you may want to check out the Developer Chat with the Creator of JavaScript and Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich today at 10am PST on the IRC server in the channel #javascript

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