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The City of David - Ancient Jerusalem

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The City of David - Ancient Jerusalem


07/27/06, 11:34 PM

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The City of David - Ancient Jerusalem

Alternative Tour's Comments on The City of David - Ancient Jerusalem

Alternative Tour
01/03/08, 08:36 AM

Jerusalem began as a small village in a place known as the City of David where the Palestinian village of Silwan sits today. 5000 years of history which bind together the stories of nations, rulers and local residents are buried deep underneath the houses and lands of Silwan. In an unprecedented act, the state of Israel has handed over the responsibility of the archaeological site and its visitors' center to Elad – an Israeli settlers' organization whose proclaimed purpose is the takeover of Silwan.

A group of archaeologists together with residents of Silwan invite you to hear the story of ancient Jerusalem and of life in the village today. The tour offers an alternative to Elad's biased and speculative narrative, and presents an archaeology which bridges between different periods and cultures. We believe that the use of archaeological excavations as the pretext for expropriation of Arab houses and lands in Silwan damages the study of the past, the life in the present, and the hope for a brighter future.

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