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Brawny Academy


06/29/06, 04:08 PM

Flash Player Version 8
Brawny Academy

FP9 Beta for Intel Macs


06/29/06, 02:26 PM

Flash Player 9 Public Beta for Intel-based Mac OS X 10.4.6 is now available for Safari 2.03 or newer, FireFox or newer, and Opera 9 (build 3216) or newer.

Download Flash Player 9


06/28/06, 01:29 PM

Coinciding with the Adobe Flex 2 release, Flash Player 9 is now available for download from Adobe.

Experience up to ten times faster ActionScript 3.0 execution with the new ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2) and optimized compiler. AVM2 supports full runtime error reporting, built-in debugging, and binary socket support so developers can extend the player to work with any binary protocol.

For more info, here's some links to check out:

Download the latest Flash Player

FF06 Discount Code


06/22/06, 05:20 PM

Time is running out to save money on your FlashForward 2006 Austin registration fees! After Friday, June 23, both Super Early Bird pricing and the additional $100 discount code FALM623D will expire.

Register now and save up to $250 over next week's prices... I just did, and so should you!

Additionally, the last chance to nominate a Flash website for the Flashforward Film Festival is Friday, June 23 as well. So go nominate your favorite sites now!

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