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02/27/07: Jon Aldinger, Mark Huot, & Dan Mall present swfIR: swf Image Replacement

02/21/07: flashBug is an Actionscript class that writes debug information out to Firebug's console

02/06/07: Geoff Stearns and Bobby van der Sluis join forces to create one Flash embed method to rule them all: SWFFix

11/16/06: SWFUpload adds the advantages of uploading files with Flash to your web applications.


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Zamzar File Conversion

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Zamzar File Conversion


11/04/06, 04:04 PM

Zamzar is a new free online file conversion service, including videos (AVI, GVI, MP4, MPG) to FLV. I tested out a .mov to .flv conversion today and it works great. You simply upload your file, and they email you the link to download the converted file once it's ready. The converted file is stored for 24 hours from the time you receive your email from Zamzar.

In addition to Video, they also convert Documents, Images, and Music to a wide variety of formats. I haven't tested the other conversions yet, but ones worth noting are .doc to .html, .ppt to .pdf, and .xls to .xml. You can view the complete list of conversion file formats on their website.

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